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Django Gold

- November 11, 2009

The members of indie rock trio Polski Fiat are an energetic bunch, to be sure, and it’s this active attitude that leaves a lasting impression long after the final cymbal crash. Having been playing together for over a decade, Polski Fiat is a tightly knit group of ace musicians and songwriters, and the hard work they’ve put into their art over the years certainly shows. The band’s membership (depicted only in acronyms on their website; full names have been assumed) includes guitarist/bassist Marlon Silo Ozarks and bassist/guitarist Jerry Gropegloves Ozarks, brothers hailing from Bridgewater, MA. Rounding out the group is furious drummer Edwin Longhorn Khrushchev, who lends a bit of classic punk-rock speed to the overall sound. Polski Fiat dubs itself a “Science Rock” band, but such a label shouldn’t be taken too seriously. Other than a few electronic bleeps on some of their studio tracks, the band is a classic guitar-bass-drums outfit, with some great, great songs. “Return to Flight,” for example, balances between an energetic ska beat and rapid-fire vocals, smoothly transitioning to a hard rock chorus that positively soars. “Avatar” combines these same speedy vocal stylings with clever lyrics and hooks aplenty. Throughout the band’s catalog, “change” seems to be the operative word, as most songs speed through a variety of different moods and colors, none of which feels gratuitous. In this respect, and especially considering their snarky sense of humor, they are very much like Ween, and with much of the same songwriting prowess. Be sure to catch them in action.

From Performer Mag

Polski Fiat - The Luddite Spy

Recorded, mixed and masteredat Budapest Studio and Zippah Studio

Right out of the box, Polski Fiat sings a self-referential song about beinga band, an emo band no less. “We’re just another emo band / playing sillylittle songs for the world.” An odd way to start, but an effective way to set themood. Polski Fiat continue on for 11 more songs that range from singingabout computers and technology to more loose songs about love and relationships.Contextually, the album sounds like it was built by competent musicalhandymen. They don’t write the catchiest songs ever, but what makes it stand out isthat it’s different. There are qualities in the instrumentation and the wordplaythat less-competent bands gloss over or wouldn’t know how to create in thefirst place. Fiat injects a bit of their pseudo brainiac qualities to givethis album a distinct flavor.

The Luddite Spy is an album partially recorded in the care of ZippahStudios and Pete Weiss’s crew. One of the better and more solid songs on Luddite Spy,“Game,” features some strong harmonies and extremely well-recorded guitars.The tones are warm and the mix is layered perfectly. The samples are a littleunnecessary and maybe a little more keyboards could supplant them.Otherwise it’s a marquee recording that proves a good sound engineer can make a goodsong better.

Towards the end, Polski Fiat seems to move farther and farther away fromtheir self-prescribed emoband moniker. The lyrics resemble more of a traditionalindie-rock band, and the overtly-emotional emo lyrics seem to be replacedby more songs about technology and computers. They return to self-referentialmode with “Avatar,” but leave the listener with a sensitive mini-ballad thatwraps up with some nice wordplay. “She cried and cried / she told me how I’d die/ told me how and why she told me how I’d die.” Though the end of the albumties the LP up pseudo-emo style, Polski Fiat are more successful in creating arock album with ties to modern story lines than songs that talk about love andrelationships.
Contact: www.polskifiat.net
-Adam Crepeau

From "The Noise" April 2005

The Luddite Spy
12 songs

How could I not be intrigued by a band named Polski Fiat? I'm Polish, after all, and actually haverelatives who have owned several of these Italian, um, automotive marvels. I certainly appreciatethe humor and irony. In fact, this CD is built on wry humor and irony. The Polski Boys, as they billthemselves, describe their music most effectively in their intro sheet: "quirky, nuanced, andenergetic science rock." I'm not quite sure what science has to do with this music; it's not mathrock, that's for sure. It's guitar driven rock 'n' roll social commentary but with some musicaltwists to keep things interesting. The only song that could be called science rock is "Lab," withits lyrics right out of a science book glossary. But it's not about science; the song is a lamentabout a very unscientific feeling for someone. Also, I particularly like the crunchy guitar of "Emoboy,"which also has an introspective spacey interlude. The Polski Boys may think of themselves as sciencegeeks but they're way too socially and emotionally aware for that label. The Luddite Spy achieves whatfew bands are able to do successfully; the skillful use of music, lyrics, and the nuances of the vocalsand instrumentation work comprehensively to convey specific thoughts or feelings. This stuff isunexpectedly addictive. (Robin Umbley)

An Article written by Kuba in Computer World Magazine, Poland edition.

For the original Polish text click here
Let us know if this online translater version makes any sense to you:

fold week computer " " 433 Nadtytu¸. I go in work one day corridor " second (other) moving in (incarnation)fiat 126 (baby) " cuba Tatarkiewicz and I see on wall from address of internet part beginning plakacikhttp://www.polskifiat.net. Below it (him) characteristic logo PF, as alive fiat beguile 500 and two dateswith addresses of bars. I have thought in first moment , that this meeting of collector of old car eats .Our fiat 126 (baby) has been produced in (to) over three ultimately millions of copies, it was sold in (to)many countries, it was as (serve) as taxi in china supposedly even. However, drawing has surprised me a bitpi«Ťsetki, because if never it was produced it in poland this model of fiat be enough memory not be mistaken(mislead; wash). Of course, other, it fold in few sometimes, but smallest Cinquino, as it call in italy it(them) tender, they arrived for poland from foreign countries (abroad). When I had access to computer only,immediately I have checked that be on part of polish fiat rock group play ! Announcements of exhibitions ofchosen work have appeared in same week on numerous billboards on MYTH so called infinite (left-over) corridoralso arthur mile nice video űmijewskiego, under weapon illustrate photo of naked soldier of honorablecompany WP. Shows, that art is advertised in bastion of technique polish poland well goods (right) . Certainly obvious I have managed on concert of band PF, it foreshadow (presage) which (who) simply as " polish poland". Many in hum of bar more not dos¸ysza¸em, so, I have ordered beer and I did not try (did not look) to giveentirely og¸uszyŤ. I have talked after concert before with leader of group moment and then, everything bright(plain) has become. One of founder of group fiat " polish poland " Matthew Orosz, as it is possible toguess from tone of surname, there is hungarian from origin and it remembers from childhood riding fiat 126(baby). I suspect, that each, who have to be crossed (to be passed) this vehicle opening, it will remembersuch survivals of to the end lives. In a way so, I understand matheush can compete by fiat 126 (baby) withnoise generated by rock group - noise produced really. In order to however, be remember in my musicalcriticism honest state ( it beguile first degree of musicality, feature article from crown cap # 413 "music (musician; composer), or start of senility (foreman) ", it signify know when they play ), I mustconcede, that work PF, I have found which (who) in the form of files on their part MP3, they build(create) nice array completely. So, nothing strange, that I have made with assistance from they CD -iTunesand it eats sometimes play they remember in car - particularly fiat 126 (baby) rz«ch. With (from) t-shirtlogo of polish fiat, after concert bought, I have maintained on reminder. Sometime former holders of fiat126 (baby) can in poland on add (be of use for) ( commute ) zlocie Bisem. Above-mentioned history hasseveral morals, if music (musician; composer) can be moral in whole or immoral. First of all, wrapreckons in today's world. Name it fine start of each venture good goods (right) , particularly artistic.Else better, if it allows to incorporate good name of internet part. But does not have media of propagationof work for better beginning band rock than internet. Indeed for nothing, but it is gotten on for roundsof students (listeners; audience), otherwise, get on be for which (who) hard, e.g. I like. Probably,,that it is recognized (regard) artist then, sale of work through - iTunes or other musical portal isgenuine sprawdzianem, which (who) work is fairest. But for we, consumers of music, for legal with (from)for small money opening communing her (it). Such musical fiat 126 (baby).

From The Noise Live Review

Polski Fiat are a three-piece, with drums, guitar, and bass, although there's also a cheesy keyboard partplaying as I walk in. I tend to disapprove of playing to backing tracks---this is why we have theexpression "live music"---but the Invisible Keyboardist only plays on a few of their songs. This bandare more weird than good, but they could be quite good and still have that be the case. They're prettygood. The strings are the best part: bouncy, intricate bass lines and fascinating, crunchy guitar figures.The drummer's a bit inaccurate, which is sort of shocking when he's playing along to headphones, and theirvoices are not great. At best, the guitarist's singing reminds me a bit of Scott Miller, or John Linnell.They switch off for a while and the bassist sings, and he's so frankly awful that it's better; more surrealvocal art than singing, as such. One song has cute, geeky lyrics about being stuck in lab late, to which Ican relate.
(Steve Gisselbrecht)

From the RPI Polytechnic

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